Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stop That Train: Updated

Stop That Train by Keith & Tex, according to the amazing music shop Ernie B's, is a mid tempo reggae track recorded in 1967 for Trojan Records. Originally done by the Spanishtonians (AKA the Spanish Town Skabeats) in 1965 and released on Blue Beat, the later Keith & Tex recording has been used as a backing rhythm in a number of fantastic DJ versions. As good as Keith and Tex track is, two of the DJ cuts manage to surpass the original.

Draw Your Brakes by Scotty appeared on the famous The Harder They Come soundtrack. Starting out with a DJ call "Forward..." and with the addition of some minor percussion and delay, this track really helps bring attention to the rhythm its self. The guitar and break towards the end of the track never fails to bring the song home.

Cool Breeze by Big Youth starts much like the Scotty version, but is more aggressive with dropping the vocals in and out of the mix. Originally done in 1972 for the Crystal and Green Door labels, this track is an excellent example of the blue print that would soon be exported to America, quickly becoming Hip Hop. Taking an existing track and adding vocals to produce something new had been done in Jamaica for years, but this track in particular is a shining example of the art.

According to Google Analytics, lots of people come here looking for the original Spanishtonians track... Well this guy has it, so enjoy:

And for that matter, here is Cool Breeze by Big Youth and Draw Your Brakes by Scotty:

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